Spa, Licensed Massage Therapist

Hi everyone! I’m Melody, the massage therapist here at The Upper Cut. I graduated from The Academy of Massage and Bodywork. I am quite introverted but love to hand with friends and family, enjoying a room full of laughs. My favorite modalities that I provide are hot stone massages, deep tissue and the most important of all, lomi lomi techniques! Make your self care appointment today! Can’t wait to meet you!



Massage therapy is not just a luxury item. It is a craft used to heal the mind, body and soul. It reduces inflammation, stress levels, stimulates the lymphatic system, increases mobility/flexibility and so much more. Get lost in the clouds while receiving a session by yours truly!

Instagram: @melsstouch



Here are a few tips we suggest following to ensure you get optimum, long-lasting results from your treatment.

  1. Come ready to discuss any concerns and current medical issues.
  2. Wear clothing that is comfortable; easy to change in and out of.

For questions about booking appointments at The Upper Cut Salon & Spa, see our Policies page.