Salon Owner, Stylist, 10 years of dedication

Hey there! I’m Randi, a hairstylist with a decade of experience, and my journey in the beauty industry has been nothing short of an adventure. I kicked off my career after graduating from Polytech, diving headfirst into the world of hairstyling. However, my path took a detour as I explored various other careers before realizing that my true passion was behind the salon chair.

In October 2023, I embraced a significant milestone by becoming the proud owner of the Upper Cut Salon and Spa. Returning to my roots in hairstyling, I’m thrilled to bring my skills and passion to a place I now call my own. Creating beautiful hair isn’t just a job for me; it’s a craft I take immense pride in. Beyond that, I’m equally passionate about fostering a fantastic work environment for my team. I believe that when we love what we do and where we do it, the results speak for themselves.

Outside the salon, you’ll find me savoring my sacred free time. Whether it’s soaking up sun rays, enjoying date nights with my husband, playing monster trucks with my son, or cuddling with my two furry pups, I cherish every moment. Life is a blend of artistry and personal connections, and I’m grateful to be able to weave both into the tapestry of my everyday existence.

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My specialty lies in creating stunning color and haircut combinations. Whether it’s highlighting and crafting beautiful blondes or perfecting rich brunettes, I adore every aspect of my craft, and work to give clients a natural, lived-in touch of sophistication to every hairstyle.

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Here’s some tips to get ready for your service:

  1. Consultation – Bring an inspiration photo to your appointment so you and I can get on the same page. If you don’t have a photo, no worries I will help you.
  2. Appointment – Relax and enjoy your “you” time.
  3. Finished! Our friendly receptionists will check you out promptly and help you rebook if you decide to do so. Thank you for trusting me with your style, I hope to see you again soon!

For questions about booking appointments at The Upper Cut Salon & Spa, see our Policies page.